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Wine guides and resources


Whether you are a wine newcomer or aficionado, you can discover plenty of top tips and remarkable information about your favourite tipple in our wine resources section.

Corks Out has an unquenchable passion for wine. With years of experience in the wine and spirit buying industry, we have put together the resources to share our knowledge with our customers so that you can discover even more about wine and get greater enjoyment out of every glass you drink.


Want to know more about what you're drinking and why?

Our most recent infographics tell you everything you need to know about wine quality and cost as well as current wine buying habits and trends in the UK. Our most recent titles include:

What's in your bottle of wine?


Wine buying trends and habits

What's in your bottle of wine?   Wine buying trends and habits

Download our guide


Download our guide

At Corks Out, we believe that every wine lover should be able to get the best quality wine for their money. We have therefore provided cost breakdowns for differently priced bottles of wine, emphasising how much you are spending on wine quality when picking up a £4.99, £6.99, £9.99, £14.99, £19.99 and £30 bottle.


Want to find out what influences you to pick up a certain bottle of wine? The team has looked at the wine buying habits and trends of 2013, paying close attention to how price, discounts and customer service in supermarkets and independent wine stores can have an effect your final decision.


Corks Out has also produced some interesting review videos, where we summarise the different aromas, flavours and characteristics present in wines and champagnes.

Our most popular videos include:


Ruth Yates tasting Bollinger Champagne at Corks Out


Jo Blythe tasting Pouilly Fume Petit Soumard at Corks Out


Jo Blythe tasting Laurent Perrier 2002 Vintage at Corks Out

Buying wine online at Corks Out

At Corks Out, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with affordable luxury. We stock only the very best wines available from around the globe, while making sure that we have quality bottles suitable for any budget.

Why not take a look through our wine range online to find out more about the exceptional wines that are currently available to buy at Corks Out?

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