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Popular Wine Trends and Habits


Ever thought about what makes you choose a certain bottle of wine over the hundreds of others available on the market?

Corks Out has shined a light on popular wine preferences, prices and habits from across the year in this infographic to show how people are currently buying their wine, and what is influencing them throughout the all-important decision-making process.

Wine Buying Trends

What influences you to pick up a bottle?

Cost appears to be at the front of many people's minds as they shop for wine. Whether they are looking for a bottle that offers good value for money or have a set wine buying budget in mind, it appears that price is a key focus for people nowadays.

Despite a slight increase in the cost of living across 2013, it remains well below the 2008 peak, which could be causing people to concentrate on the cost of their wine. However, it appears that people do still want a little bit of luxury in their life, as most select a good quality £7-10 wine off the shelves rather than a budget bottle.

What else did we discover?

When looking at wine habits from the last year, we also found that people are creatures of habit, as many choose the same style rather than going for anything different. At Corks Out, we categorise our wine by style, grape, country and even more to help such people discover a selection of wines to perfectly match their preferences.

We also found that most people don't give much thought to alcohol volume. With grape variety being the most important factor when shopping for wine, the strength of the wine doesn't seem to be a top priority for people. Many may be shocked by this news, as there has been a growing demand for low alcohol wines in recent years as a result of their health benefits, but it still doesn't appear to be the main focus for people as they buy wine.

Our best-selling wines for 2013

For some inspiration for 2014, here are the wines that have been popular at Corks Out over the last year:

  • Boekenhoutskloof The Chocolate Block: With distinctive Syrah aromas of ripe plum, black fruit, violet and spice, this red also has a grippy acidity and integrated tannins that offer a good texture and long, elegant finish with a superb structure.
  • Chabis Sylvain Mosnier: A bouquet of lanolin, green fruit and mineral tones is present, accompanied by a medium weight palate, mouth-watering acidity and fruit, earth and vegetal flavours.
  • Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne: This classic champagne has prominent flavours of soft red berry fruits and black cherries along with a persistent mousse and long, well-rounded and supple finish.
  • Morton White Label Sauvignon Blanc: Offering real quality and superb value for money, this Sauvignon Blanc has gooseberry, citrus and passion fruit flavours accompanied by an elegant minerality.

All wines available to buy at Corks Out come with no minimum order. Next day delivery is also available, with free delivery on orders over £40.

If you’re interested in finding out about wine quality, check out our ‘What’s in your bottle of wine?’ infographic.

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