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Responsible Drinking

At Corks Out we are proud to endorse Drinkaware and help our customers to understand alcohol in wine a little more by promoting responsible drinking, encouraging wine to be drunk with food and in moderation, for example we believe less is more and by purchasing a better quality wine you are more likely to drink it more slowly, appreciate it for what it is and enjoy the experience from vine to glass.

As the alcohol content of wine increases it is important for us to offer a range of lighter alcohol wines and also make you aware of what’s in your glass.  Therefore, we have featured this as a main item on our site under Popular Wine Searches, where we list all wines at 11.5% and below.  We also have a search filter for ABV under every section, which will bring the lightest alcohol product up first so that you can be sure to choose your chosen alcohol percentage and be in control of your total weekly consumption.

At Corks Out we believe wine is best drunk with food, therefore, why not take a look at our wine and food matching suggestions, which can help you to appreciate which wines and foods suit each other, whether it’s for a simple pizza or an elegant dinner party.  Obviously, this isn't definitive and if you prefer to drink Chablis with your steak then go right ahead.

Drink Aware Campaign


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