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Prosecco Wine

Italian Prosecco is the perfect glass of fizz if you prefer something a little lighter. The fine, soft mousse is gentler than Champagne and sometimes not as dry, while the subtle sweet and fruit flavours make it a beautifully diverse and refreshing tipple.

At Corks Out, we have a number of impressive Prosecco wines to buy online. We are committed to sourcing only the finest sparkling wines to place on our site, so that you can discover some great quality Prosecco wines that are well worth a drink or two. ...read more

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The perfect celebratory fizz

The Italian sparkling wine is popular choice for sharing at parties and special occasions. The off-dry style is accompanied by a delicate aroma of sweet fruits and a crisp, clean palate, which is sure to go down a real treat with all your guests.

Many choose to serve Prosecco wine as an aperitif. We would recommend our Dolci Prosecco, with subtle pear and melon flavours accompanied by natural acidity.

As the sparkling wine is quite diverse, you can also choose to serve a bottle with:

  • Seafood dishes - a classic pairing, the citrus notes in bottles like Prosecco Modella act like a squeeze of lemon, with the natural acidity cutting through battered fish nicely.
  • Cheese canapés - similar to the fried, battered fish, the acidity in Prosecco wines is superbly refreshing with cheese and even cream sauces.
  • Spicy Asian dishes - the low level of alcohol and clean, crisp palate can help to extinguish any excessive spiciness so that other flavours can be enjoyed.
  • White peach nectar, raspberry sorbet and strawberry puree - Prosecco wine can also be combined with fruit flavours, perfect for party cocktails.

Buy sparkling wines online

You can buy single bottles of Prosecco wine online at Corks Out. This single bottle purchase offer is available on all our stock, from the quality Italian wine to all our other sparkling wines, allowing you to pick up the right number of bottles you require, perfect if you don't need a full case.

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