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Bollinger Champagne

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The distinctive Bollinger flavour

Bollinger Champagne is known for being full-bodied, with plenty of depth and intensity. The instantly recognisable flavour comes from the great precision that goes into its production, where great care and attention is given to the following:

  • Vineyards - 70% of the grapes used are grown in the Bollinger vineyards which cover 164 hectares, larger than most other Champagne houses.
  • Grape varieties - There is a great emphasis on Pinot Noir, which is used to form the powerful backbone that gives the champagne its intense richness in flavour.
  • Barrel fermentation - Bollinger is one of the few houses that vinifies its wines in oak barrels, which increases the complexity of the champagne.

Whether you opt for the Special Cuvee, La Grande Annee or La Grande Annee Rose, there will be a careful balance of acidity and dryness, along with great finesse and a consistent style.

Magnum bottles and bigger

The special cuvee Bollinger is one of the best loved Champagnes in the world so why wouldn't you want a huge bottle? These are particulary good for parties and for that ultra special gift. All come with a free wooden gift box. 

Bollinger Magnum- Two bottles of Champagne. Even though it's big it's still well manageable and easy to pour. 1.5 litres. 

Bollinger Jeroboam- Four bottles of Champagne. Big but fresh. 3 litres. 

Bollinger Methuselah- Eight Bottles of Champagne in one bottle. 6 litres. 

Bollinger Salmanazar- Twelve Bottles of Champagne in one bottle. 9 litres. 

Bollinger Balthazar- Sixteen Bottles of Champagne in one bottle. 12 litres. 

Bollinger Nebuchadnezzar- Twenty Bottles of Champagne in one bottle. The Big One. 15 litres. 


007 limited edition bottles

James Bond had his first encounter with Bollinger Champagne in the book Diamonds are Forever. This quintessential grande marque has since featured in a great many Bond movies, a symbol of Bond's impeccable taste.

Corks Out has 007 limited edition bottles to buy online, which are perfect for collectors. The Bollinger 002 for 007 Silencer was designed to celebrate the iconic on screen relationship between Bond and Bollinger. The gun silencer gift box houses a fine vintage La Grande Annee 2002, where fruit notes accompany toasted brioche, pastry and cream.

You can buy a number of different Bollinger Champagnes online at Corks Out. We have a single bottle purchase available for all non-vintage and vintage champagne, sparkling wines and Prosecco, along with free delivery on some orders, perfect for when you need a case or two.

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