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What We're Drinking

Our faviourite wines of the moment. So good we are drinking them at home.

  • 13th


    The World's 10 Top Gins.

    There’s nothing worse than a bad G&T so let this guide to the world's 10 top Gins guide you. Picture yourself heading into a bar and them pouring a low-quality gin into a small chipped tumbler then throwing warm cheap tonic on the top. That’s not a ‘proper’ Gin & tonic. Gin and tonic should be made with loving care, and of course, a…

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  • 23rd


    6 wines to drink this Easter Bank Holiday weekend!

    Easter is a wonderful time of year, the trees are starting to blossom after a long winter, the birds are singing and we’re gloriously blessed with a few more hours of light in the evening. Let’s face it though the reason we love Easter so much is not because of the weather or those lovely chocolate eggs, it’s the 4 day weekend most of us will…

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  • 28th


    A wee dram on Burns Night

    Not many of us know much about the tradition of Burns Night, including myself, but if there’s any excuse for a whisky tipple I’ll take it! I do, however know it is a tribute night to the Scottish poet Robert Burns , tradition says on this night we must celebrate with a Scottish feast of food and whisky... oh go on then! If this isn’t a good e…

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  • 20th


    Did someone say cheese?

    Cheese Gromit? Today we celebrate National Cheese Lovers day. A great day which i’m sure you’ll all agree!! Food and wine matching has been a topic of debate for many years , there is no right or wrong answer but there are a few simple guidelines to try and stick too. Wine can be a perfect match for cheese or it can all go horribly wrong, two …

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  • 6th


    Champagne and Oysters!

    Champagne and Oysters may seem a bit extravagant for a Tuesday evening, but there were no complaints from the 12 people who came along to Corks Out Chester last week for an evening with David Green of Laurent Perrier. We tried through the range, pairing a variety of foods with each champagne, but it was indeed the Oysters with Ultra Brut that came …

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  • 1st


    What we're drinking; Portuguese?

    A country of many intriguing flavours, cultures and colour. Portugal has been a go to destination for UK holiday makers for years however, their wine has never quite matched the beauty of the wines origin. Luckily, for you and me, the quality of the wine has vastly improved with more and more consumers being attracted to the beauty of Portuguese wi…

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  • 12th


    What are we drinking?

    I feel that we don't share enough about what we drink in store so this is a little eye opener into a few little tipples I've personally been able to try and my opinions on them. Glenfarclas 15 y/o I’m not the biggest whisky drinker in the world however, I was forced to try this beast and I’m very glad I did. My go to whisky, would be a Dalmore…

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  • 18th


    It's beer Bob, but not as we know it.

    Craft beer brewers are forever pushing the boundaries to create new and exciting brews. In fact the one question I get asked the most in the ten-plus years I have been involved in the microbrewing industry is 'What's new?'. Brewers are using new techniques, ingredients and ideas to expand the range of beers and styles available. Some work, some don…

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  • 5th


    Anything but Sauvignon

    From the new drinkers to the experienced ones, you will see them all at the restaurant or hotel bar, looking up and down the wine list and slump for the one and only, Sauvignon Blanc. To which you can garuntee to see the curator of this craze. Cloudy Bay. I dont have a major problem with this grape varietal, on the contrary I can quite happily enjo…

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  • 26th


    Whisky & Water? ...By Steph

    Some say “a drop of water is the best way to enjoy your dram” Some say “whisky is best served on the rocks” Some say “whisky is to be enjoyed straight; out of the bottle into a glass”   I say “whisky should be enjoyed... (Full stop)”   Why Add Water?   Water can alter a whisky in both positive and negative ways. Mo…

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