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Is vodka the new gin?

You love Gin right? Well who doesn’t. But now drinks experts are forecasting a large upturn in Vodka requests.


Over the past years Vodka has had a bad rep, the cheap brands have de valued the product but now times are changing.

People are starting to realise , that actually, vodka is a pretty nice drink. Not only does it mix chase-vodka-in-gift-box-2well in cocktails which are always a firm favourite on drinks menus across the country, but it also creates a solid backbone for mixers.


God forbid would you drink it straight? Well think again, drinking vodka straight is a real thing, get quality vodka like Grey Goose and you won’t want to drink it any other way!

Although we love the smaller producers like Sacred (who by the way also make a cracking Gin which is even Organic) We also can’t get enough of the well known brands like Chase. Chase is a potato vodka, and yes you guessed it it’s made out of potatoes which makes it ultra smooth and delicious. Chase is a British distillery which is a big winner for us, located in Herefordshire it’s not hard to see why this is such a recognised brand with products this good.


belvedere-grapefruit-vodkaFlavoured vodkas are now all the rage too, perfect to mix with a tonic and just delicious on their own. Belvedere ,one of the worlds finest Polish vodkas, make some of the best blends in the world such as Belvedere Citrus and Belvedere Pink Grapefruit Vodka.

October is Vodka month for Corks Out , so we’ve decided to celebrate this wonderful drink by offering 10% off all of our vodkas online.

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