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What wine accessories will make me a connoisseur?

Well the answer to the question in the title is none, but having some will wine accessories will make your life a whole lot easier.


If you are fed up of your corks cracking in your bottle or leaving wine stains on the carpet then there are handy little helpers on the market to make your life a little easier.Whiskey Wedge 1

Wine accessories are also a wonderful gift for men who like gadgets. Don’t know what to buy your man or woman at Christmas or for a birthday gift then something quirky and fun will leave them smiling.

Whisky is a big contender when it comes to gifts so adding a Whiskey Wedge to his bottle is the perfect gift. This cooling whisky glass pops in the freezer giving the drinker a cool glass of whisky without watering it down with ice and at just £14 you can’t really go wrong.

Decanters are a big contender when it comes to wine accessories. You can pay the earth for an LP large ice bucketall singing and dancing one or you can get a simple wine decanter for a low price. We personally love the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator which acts similar to a decanter but the wine is poured through straight into the glass, making drinking great wine so simple.

Keeping your wine cool and stylish is no problem. Champagne ice buckets are becoming an ever popular present especially our Laurent Perrier Ice Buckets they’re branded with the LP logo and look sleek and really finish off any gift for her.

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