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Is fine wine for you?

Fine wine is not as simple as buying a bottle of wine for a few quid and glugging it down at the weekend. There is a lot more thought that goes into buying fine wine and some main reasons for buying fine wine are:

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- Fine Wine Investment, many investors buy 6 or 12 bottles of each wine, such as an older Chateau Musar Vintage an Italian Fine Wine like Supertuscan or a classic Bordeaux. This may be to store or to sell at a later date for a higher price . If you are planning on doing this though you need to ensure that you are storing the wine in the right conditions. If the wine is stored incorrectly it can decrease in quality and value of your wine substantially, therefore, get good advice on temperature control, light and angle of storage, even vibration to your wine bottle can have an adverse effect.

- Lots of people buy fine wine as a gift, it’s particularly special if you are buying a bottle for the year the receiver was born and special vintages are one of the main focuses for purchasing many older wines.  Some regions vintages, mostly in Europe, can fluctuate from year to year and areas such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire , Rhone and many more have to be carefully thought about.  Some of the best performing vintages for French wine were 2005, 1990 & 1989.  Although some wines will need to be drunk sooner than others they will still need to be cellared correctly. Buying a gift for a person to open on a particular year is also very popular (Pop a note on there saying don’t drink until your 50th Birthday).

- Another reason for buying a bottle of fine wine may be that you just love great wine! Whether it’s the style, texture or just simply the taste and you may already know exactly what you want to drink a bottle now and what will last for many years to come. The exciting thing is discovering how it changes over time, but be careful, how often do we save that favourite wine for best and then when we get to it, it’s past it’s best and too late to enjoy. There is a great saying and that’s ‘Life’s too short to drink bad wine’ so get advice and don’t leave it too long.

Iconic wines and Champagnes are becoming ever more popular these days. Well known Brands such as Laurent-Perrier produce some iconic old vintages of Champagne such as Laurent Perrier Cuvee Alexandra Rose. And don't forget about the New World fine wines which are very popular at the moment, usually you will pay a lot less and get a much higher quality wine in some peoples opinion.

So, whatever your reason is for buying that special bottle we understand that you might need it quickly so we now offer Next Day AM, Saturday & Sunday deliveries getting it to you as fast as possible.  Not to mention advice from our wine experts on any of our fine wines, vintages, gifts as well as how to store them.

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