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A wee dram on Burns Night

Not many of us know much about the tradition of Burns Night, including myself, but if there’s any excuse for a whisky tipple I’ll take it!

I do, however know it is a tribute night to the Scottish poet Robert Burns , tradition says on this night we must celebrate with a Scottish feast of food and whisky... oh go on then!

If this isn’t a good enough time to share some of our best loved whiskies, well I don’t know when is.

My favourite Scotch whisky by far is the fabulous Dalmore Single Malts. Brought alive in 1839 by Alexander Matheson, this well-known brand has gone from strength to strength. Known not only for its stylish shaped bottles and exquisite gift boxes, but it’s much loved exquisite flavour.
This award winning distillery creates a number of different styles that I’m sure Robert Burns will most definitely have tried.

Dalmore 15 Year Old £49.99 Dalmore 15 Year Old £49.99

Dalmore 12 year old £36.50 -
A slightly spiced easy drinking whisky produced in 2008.

Dalmore 15 year old £49.99 -
Elegant and full of flavour with a long delicious finish.

Dalmore 18 year old £87.99 -
Smooth, sweet and spicy and the perfect whisky for all tastes.

Dalmore King Alexander III £118.99 -
Rich, fruity and simply stunning.

If I had to choose my favourite it would be the Dalmore 15 year old, it’s fantastic value for money and the smooth, elegant flavour definitely comes up top trumps for me.

Don’t take my word for it though, why not try a little tipple yourself, and let us know your thoughts by leaving a review.

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