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What are we drinking?

I feel that we don't share enough about what we drink in store so this is a little eye opener into a few little tipples I've personally been able to try and my opinions on them.


Glenfarclas 15 y/o

I’m not the biggest whisky drinker in the world however, I was forced to try this beast and I’m very glad I did. My go to whisky, would be a Dalmore 12 year old for its smooth light flavour and it’s not too fiery either. This on the other hand really was overpowering on my first initial smell. That intense alcohol aroma wafted over me nonetheless, I persisted with it constantly re-smelling it and eventually this raisin-y, ever so slightly prune smell developed. It has this cracking nutty taste to it. Having matured in sherry casks, this beautiful development of flavour has really crossed over into the Whisky. I wouldn't say that I'm converted but I would never turn this bad boy down.

Sylvian Mosnier Chablis

Sylvian Mosnier Chablis

This little number is on our bottle list which, is currently running at the moment and what an enjoyable wine to have on a lovely spring day. It's a beautifully refreshing wine that can be drunk on its own or with very light lunches. The best part is that it's not crazy amounts of money. A beautiful Chardonnay which is crisp and clean who could argue with it.

The Chocolate Block

The Chocolate Block

A South African treat and boy is it a treat. I would quite happily say its a big wine and packs a lot of flavour, but can be very easily consumed and its very, very enjoyable. Now, I’m not sure if this is just subliminal but, I swear there is a very lovely hint of Cacao. It’s wonderfully moorish with big hints of dark berried fruits. A deliciously long finish on the palate, but you still want more from it. I would easily recommend this wine with big rich meats such as steak and Venison. Excellent!

I hope you enjoy those recommendations and I’ll keep you posted with more.


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