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Life's too short to drink cheap wine

I’ve spent the best part of 8 years working in the hospitality trade where you get paid very little for a lot of work. You would work yourself ragged to please other people. However, I would never skip on the quality of the things I would buy. My friends would call me crazy for spending £50 on a t-shirt or spending £100 on a meal out with another industry friend. But, for me I could always justify it.

“The quality of an expensive T-Shirt will last longer, than your high street equivalent” Is what I used to say to my friends, but they wouldn’t listen. To be perfectly honest, I was buying these things because they had labels. But, now I can truly see that if you spend a little more money on your items, they will treat you better and last longer.

This is the same for wine. Just round the corner from where I live, there is a well known, cheap, off licence. At said shop, you can pick up a crate of beer (15 cans) for £7.99 which, works out at £1.88 a can! Or, if you are a little more sophisticated you can spend £3.99 on a bottle of Gallo Family Vineyard Rose! Most people call me a snob nonetheless, I feel that I have a valid point. At the end of the day, you are putting this low quality product into your body it must have some effect on your body. Is the reason for your hangover not because you have drank too much but because you are drinking the wrong thing?

My personal opinion is that we should spend a little bit more money on ourselves and feel better because of it. We all have our indulgences; clothes, food, concerts, holidays, the list could go on. But I can’t.


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