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Drink Less and Drink Better

How many New Year resolutions are concerned  with improving our health and well being? I don't know the answer (quite a lot I would guess) but I do know Its around about this time in  January when those resolutions start to bite and we have to dig a little deeper or else fall foul  and resort to our old habits. Perhaps we should be a bit more realistic and not put such high expectations on ourselves. Moderation should be the bye word. Instead of joining an expensive gym , use the car less; no need to sell it, just take the occasional walk round the work place during your lunch break . A twenty minute walk adds years to your life apparently.

One can apply the same to wine. On one hand Dry January is a good exercise in discipline but as I read in an article from one doctor; giving up for one month will have no long term benefit to your health and if you're counting calories, returning to your old behaviour in February will negate any progress made in January. If we are interested in our health we need to drink more sensibly. That is, we need to be more sensible to what we are drinking and importantly if we are going to change our behaviour  make that change an enjoyable one. But whats considered healthy?

The guidelines for healthy drinking

The conservative guideline for alcohol consumption for women is 2-3 units per day. You can't save them up and use them all at once either! For men its 3-4 units per day.  A unit by the way is 10ml of pure alcohol. The difficulty then of course is knowing how many units are in a bottle or glass so here's a good guide:

11vs14-ABV-wine-V7_500x714.jpg If you're looking to keep track of your weight also , the calorific value of one unit of alcohol is 56 calories (and then you need to account for the sugar content).  A good analogy is a 250ml glass of white wine at 13% abv is the equivalent of a doughnut.

If you want to watch your weight and stay within the health guidelines therefore,  most of us probably need to drink less. The way to make this is an enjoyable experience is to drink better quality wine. Yes that means paying more for a bottle but the return for your money in terms of quality increases significantly the more you spend. You can taste the difference in price! This is because there is a  disproportionate relationship between tax/costs and bottle price. The diagram below shows how:

Vinonomics-900x670_1In other words the more money you spend the greater the proportion of that money is spent on actual wine.

So if you want to live more  healthily and enjoy your wine even more the message is drink less and drink better.



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