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New To Corks Out: Planeta!


Planeta is not just one winery, but many.

 A family of critically-acclaimed wines that demonstrate how brilliance can be attained through the thoughtful marriage between grape variety and terroir.

 The exhilarating journey begins at Sambuca di Sicilia, on an estate the Planeta family has owned since the 1600s.

Here, three enthusiastic young Sicilians – Alessio, Francesca and Santi Planeta – began their winemaking venture in the mid-1980s.

The trio spent subsequent years matching the extraordinarily diverse Sicilian soils with both indigenous and international grape varieties.

The result?

Tasty tasty Wines! Added to Our Range of Italian wines at Corks Out!


 Planeta Plumbago Nero d’Avola £14.99 – packed full of plumb and deep red fruit flavours. Silky, Silky smooth and satisfying. Perfectly balanced with acidity and soft fruit. Cracking Wine to Show Off To Your Friends!

 Planeta La Segreta Bianco £10.99 – Summery White! With hints of lychee, pineapple and peach. Dry yet full, and the flavours last forever, until you take your next sip and the pleasure starts all over again!

Planeta Etna Bianco £16.99 – Erupts with flavours of white peach and a slight herbal spritz! A touch of oak adds complexity to this volcanic gem!

Pop Into Your Local Corks Out Store & Launch Yourself  to the Planeta: Planet of Tasty Wines!

Cin Cin & Remember, Drink Responsibly

Steph X

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