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The most awarded Rum in the world: Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva.


If your website is almost becoming short of room to list the awards amassed so far, there can be little doubt a truly exceptional product has been created.  Since it's birth in 2002 the Venezuelan spirit has scooped 25 top level awards peaking in 2007 when it collected 7 top Spirits accolades.  See our special in-store display below:


The Making of a Legend:

Proclaimed by the bottle literature to be the "Master Blender's crowning achievement" the gold rum is crafted using only the most exclusive batches of their finest heavy rums which have undergone between 4 and 6 years ageing.  Their flagship rum manufacture is overseen by a unified conglomerate named Destilerias Unidas formed of previous beverage organisations of Venezuela in 2002.  They have additionally undertaken responsibility of the hugely successful Cacique Rum and Pampero, whose Aniversario Rum has the wow-factor both open and closed with its smooth, luxurious taste and equally for its rustic, leather bag packaging.

Founded by the original Venezuelan Rum Ambassador Don Juancho Nieto Melendez (see below) whose choice of oak casks for maturation, his understanding of the blending process created rums of great complexity and his educated palette of distinction lead to his unrivalled success.  Destilerias Unidas acquired the distillery based in La Miel on the northern slopes of the Andes mountains upon its establishment.  The Andes are an imperious range which play an immeasurable part in the production of almost all South American beverages due to the resultant advantageous micro-climates, usually cooler growing conditions to combat the almost year-round heat & ideal aspect for planted crops to harness the sunshine in abundance. The molasses created (Sugar-cane extract) to make all Diplomático rums is sourced from the local Sugar Mill also based in La Miel, a short distance from the capital Caracas for any prospective visitors.

The process continues with distillation following the fermentation to a targeted 54& abv in a copper pot still and then redistilled in continuous column stills.


"Mas" Consumption:

This has long been my favourite sipping rum, served neat it is a real pleasure to consume with its smooth, rich, complex character. However its indulgence stood alone is matched by its versatility when utilisied for cocktails, you can find a wonderful list of the brands recommendations on their website here:


I recommend trying a Diplomático Classic Daiquiri -

50ml Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva

20ml Fresh Lime Juice

5ml simple sugar syrup.


Time for the Tasting Notes:


Golden caramel, coffee & hots of nutmeg & baking spices, it would take a meteorite hit to stop me tasting this, such is the lure and promise of luxury on show.


I tasted this a good 2 minutes ago and still the stunning flavour lingers with no hint of burn. Flavour wise we're talking a delicious swirl of ripe fruit, butterscotch, spice, a body reminiscent of Jessica Alba and a finish akin to the '99 Champions League Final.

You can snap up this champion Venezuelan Rum for just £37.99 in the month of April. Don't miss out.

On a final note, here's a pair of shots of other Venezuelan phenomenons - Mountain Roraima & Angel Falls.

Until next time,







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